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Case Study

Bestaurant 2Go

Simplifying the experience of learning and doing restaurant management

— Background & Overview —

Making restaurant management more equitable

Bestaurant 2Go (B2Go) is a concept restaurant management and learning app, primarily targeted to prospective and beginner restaurant managers and owners. The app not only provides convenient tools for restaurant management, but includes various certificate courses, tutorias and other essential courses to set up the app’s users for success.

Role & Responsibilities
UX design
UX research
Visual & brand design

Rikiya Klasen

Adobe XD & Photoshop

Project Duration
February - March 2023

— The Challenge —

Lack of resources for the underrepresented

Popular restaurant management apps may be convenient to domestic users, but they lack the tools and resources for underrepresented restaurant owners to be successful.

This population includes people with disabilities, minorities and prospective managers who possess little knowledge of running a business.

— The Goal —

Design a restaurant management app that sets up prospective, immigrant and/or disabled users, to more easily open restaurants—and succeed as restaurant owners/managers.

— Diving Into My Competitors —

What do restaurant managers currently use?

I first conducted a competitive analysis by researching direct and indirect competitors—7shifts, TouchBistro, UpServe and QuickBooks.

Overall, the four have their strengths including an assortment of useful management features and easy integration with other POS & restaurant tools. The four also have their weaknesses, including inconsistencies with mobile view branding and occasional distracting visual designs.

— Understanding My Research Findings —

Others are great, but could be better

I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand my users and their needs. The three primary user groups identified through research were: prospective, immigrant and/or disabled restaurant managers and owners. The foundational research pain points also matched my users’ needs.

Opportunities From User Pain Points

Include engaging courses and tutorials for beginners

Users can use the app to learn how to become a restaurant manager or owner, and continue using the app even after they’re done learning.

Account for more languages and cultures

The more languages we include, the more immigrants would be satisfied using the app while adjusting to English.

Be all-in-one instead of having separate apps

Incorporating all key responsibilities of a restaurant manager will be more convenient than having different apps for separate features.

— Ideating My Design Solution —

Saving time & mental strain

User Journey Map

Paper Wireframes

Digital Wireframes

— Synthesizing My Usability Studies —

Fine-tuning some subtle errors

I found out from my lo-fi usability studies that there needed to be adjustments with the overall navigation and hierarchy of each feature/menu.

Info architecture consisted of awkward hierarchy

Once on the onboarding screen, users had a frustrating time with the lack of choices available to set up their search.

Courses and tutorials section felt hidden

Once users finished onboarding and scrolled through the next page, they looked for a “saved items” menu that didn’t exist.

Messages/notifications shouldn't be on bottom nav

Users had a difficult time looking for where they can change or edit their profile and search preferences.

— Refining The Overall Design —

Honing in on little details