About Me

I’m Rikiya, a UX designer currently residing in Portland, Oregon but originally from Fukuoka, Japan.

I'm a designer, explorer, researcher and leader. I use my passions to design experiences that help businesses thrive.

01 // Summary

Being the bridge that connects design, businesses and people

I believe that good design, intuitive interactions, human factors and accessibility are essential for any digital product to be successful in the 2020s. This core understanding has helped me gain a passion for helping businesses thrive and giving customers the best experiences.

I recently graduated college this past June, with more experience than most 22-year-olds and in a unique position to immediately help your business in need. Whether it's been for a sports energy drink, a college newspaper or a fitness club, I take the same human-centered approach with every project design and I take part in.

Nothing is more important for your business than making sure all of your customers are satisfied and happy using your services, tools and digital products. I can help you make that happen.

02 // How I got here

A life of creativity, experiences and empathy

Ever since I was a child before my family moved to the US, creativity has been a part of my leisure and enjoyment. Three years ago I decided to build on those roots and took up graphic and motion design, starting with learning Adobe within my college major—advertising.

During my third year, I took an unconventional step in my career path by shifting away from my major. I took interest in experience design instead, which first started with designing websites for various student clubs I was involved in. I took my interest to the next level and immersed myself in more hands-on UX experiences which I found much more enjoyable than advertising.

Even realizing how some of my biggest hobbies connect...

I also tutor Japanese and graphic design on the side, which demonstrates my passion for teaching and helping others improve their skills.

03 // Why UX design?

Opportunity to create products leaving others wanting more

As technology and digitization is only getting more important in today’s age, I have the greatest opportunity as a UX designer to turn these times into experiences that people can enjoy using every day. UX design is a unique way that I can use my creative skills and empathetic traits, to show attention and care to a business’s customers. I can’t imagine another way that I can create meaningful products that not only make others happy, but help businesses thrive.

I believe that people are drawn by personal connections and that it’s important to understand human capabilities and limitations. My profession enables me to take those beliefs along with my best skills, combine them with many other professions, and design experiences that improve other people’s lives.

If you think that I would be a great fit to your team, feel free to contact me and let’s discuss more!

Or if you’re a fellow designer, let’s connect on LinkedIn! I’m always looking for talented people to share knowledge with.